Rise Again Videos

OUR EMMANUEL (by Marc Coderre)

MAGNIFICAT (by John Michael Talbot)

ALL WHO ARE THIRSTY (by Brenton Brown, Glenn Robertson)
(I Lift Up My Soul by Tim Manion)

SEND US YOUR SPIRIT (by Marc Coderre)

DO YOU HEAR MY HEART CRY (by Marc Coderre, words by Marina Coderre)

“So good! Thank you”
-Davis G.

HERE I AM LORD (by Dan Schutte)

“Love this hymn, Is it not a call to our commitment to being people of faith? Faith equals action. Here I am Lord, call me!”
-Jackie M.

BE NOT AFRAID, YOU ARE MINE (by Bob Dufford/David Haas)

MAY THE LORD BLESS YOU (by Terry Talbot)

IN MY SOUL (by Marc Coderre)


ANNIVERSARY (by Marc Coderre)

BE FREE (by Marc Coderre)

YOU RAISE ME UP (by Rolf Løvland and Brendan Graham)

LIVING WITHOUT YOU (by Marc Coderre)

NEW DAY (by Marc Coderre)

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