Inspiration (June 26 2011)

View Inspiration Concert on youtube.

Sunday, June 26th 2011, 5 pm
at St Joseph’s Church, Ottawa
Marc Coderre with Louise Rathier, Debra Scarpelli, Bonnie Fox-McIntyre, Jim McIntyre, and Kate Macdonald

Be Light For Our Eyes (D. Haas)
Come Journey, Come Worship (D. Haas, J.M. Talbot)
We Are One (M. Coderre)
Behold Now The Kingdom (J.M. Talbot)
Louise: God’s Promise Of Life (L. Rathier)
Remain In My Love (M. Coderre)
You And I Are Forever (M. Coderre)
Living Without You (M. Coderre)
I Will Be With You (J. Moore)
Prayer Before The Cross (J.M. Talbot)
Here I Am Lord (D. Schutte)
Redeemer Lord (J. Foley)
Be Free (M. Coderre)
Louise: An Irish Blessing (L. Rathier, traditional text)
New Day (M. Coderre)
Rejoice (M. Coderre)
These Alone Are Enough (D. Schutte)
Only In God (J.M. Talbot)

“Hello Marc and the gang,
Congratulations on Sunday’s concert. The quality of your sound was excellent and the compositions and programme selections were great. A very enjoyable afternoon of music all around.”
-Jamie L.

“Hi Marc, just wanted to congratulate you on a beautiful concert — my prayer group was very moved, and we’ve listened to your Cds many times. Would you consider performing in Eganville sometime? God bless.”
-Julie L.

“I have just come from Marc’s concert, where he was celebrating the release of Inspiration, his 2nd CD and I must say, not just because I am his proud papa, that the concert was an inspiration.  With the help of three vocal accompanist and guitar, drums, and piano, he put together a mix of prayerful, emotionally touching and up-beat songs, most written by himself and others by well-known composers of religious music.  He debuted three new songs that will be part of his 3rd CD.  Their titles tell what the songs are about and what Marc has been going through since Marina’s death: Living Without You, Be Free, and New Day.
Marc’s voice is constantly improving and his ability to express the meanings of the songs with facial and body expression improves every outing. The assembled crowd gave him a well deserved standing ovation.”
-Bill C.

regarding youtube live clip of These Alone Are Enough:

“You all have lovely voices and I like your arrangement of the song. Very nicely done. It’s just a shame that you aren’t singing with just a little more eye contact. That would make it perfect. I sing in a Catholic church so I actually get it. Everything thinks they have to avoid drawing attention to themselves.”
-Mary Ellen K.

“Beautiful! Our 4-part choir just did this song last Sunday! Only the first verse and refrain had piano – the others were a capella – truly is a beautiful song. Well done!”
-Robert P.

“Dr. Moore is a friend of mine. His music certainly does touch us deeply, doesn’t it?”
-Anne T.

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