view Rise Again concert

Rise Again, an evening of inspirational music, November 12 2016, St Joseph’s Church, Ottawa.
Marc Coderre, Anne Hurley, Karen Lahaise, Debra Scarpelli, Jim McIntyre, Greg Dahl, Armando Prini, and special guest Jim Videto.
Sound by Tony Mungham. Video by Armando Prini.

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RISE AGAIN is out now!

Rise Again CDs arrive
“beautiful, moving, and very elegant”

You can now order my new CD from CDBaby
From and from

As usual you can also get it directly from myself.

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Order Marc’s CDs.

Illumination coverInspiration coverRise Again cover

To buy Illumination, Inspiration, or Rise Again:

Order Online
You can buy my CDs from me via my marketplace vendor Circle Nine Music. As such you get the best price and cut out the middle man mark-up of the other listed vendors. And also on

cdBaby the world’s largest distributor of independent music (ships from the US) also has a few of my CDs in their stock and in turn those are listed on Amazon (though at a steep mark-up).
Amazon Canada, Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon France, Amazon Japan

Download through itunes Canada or iTunes US or any other international itunes store. (For reasons I can’t fathom they filed Illumination as ‘jazz’).
And these Amazon locations:, Amazon UK,
Amazon Germany, Amazon France, Amazon Japan

My preference would be for people to avoid the middle men (who add to the cost and decrease the return) and buy directly from me, in person, by mail order, or by Circle Nine Music on But whichever way is most convenient for you, I hope you enjoy my music and I appreciate your support.

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Marc’s Youtube channel

You can see my live performances and videos on my YouTube channel.

You can also access direct links via this site to videos under the respective album’s tab:
Illumination videos
Inspiration videos
Rise Again videos
Concert playlists links can be found under the Concert Archive tab.

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