Awakening (June 11 2011)

View the Awakening Concert on youtube.

Saturday, June 11 2012
at the Shenkman Arts Centre, Orleans.
Karen Lahaise Mazur / Heather Simpson / Anne Hurley / Louise Rathier, Laura and Kathryn Dufour / Marc Coderre / Julie Larocque / Gracenote / Stephen Grant / Dennis Girard / See Joe Smile / JF Church / Michaela, Arianna, and Sierra Di Giacomo-Maika / Eileen Dalpra
Proceeds to support Cursillo weekends.

“……WOW!! I was blown away by your voice Saturday evening at the Awakening Concert! I could hear you performing the “Phantom” music as well… AWESOME!
What an evening and what marvellous talent. I really enjoyed one of the last groups too; the trio of sisters and their harmonies (and also the Dufour sisters! — such sweet voices!)
I’m really glad I went.”
-Monique C.


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