Awakening (June 11 2011)

View the Awakening Concert on youtube.

Saturday, June 11 2012
at the Shenkman Arts Centre, Orleans.
Karen Lahaise Mazur / Heather Simpson / Anne Hurley / Louise Rathier, Laura and Kathryn Dufour / Marc Coderre / Julie Larocque / Gracenote / Stephen Grant / Dennis Girard / See Joe Smile / JF Church / Michaela, Arianna, and Sierra Di Giacomo-Maika / Eileen Dalpra
Proceeds to support Cursillo weekends.

Karen Lahaise Mazur
Spirit Of God (J. Moore)

Heather Simpson
Laudate Dominum (W.A. Mozart)

Anne Hurley
Gulls (A. Hurley)

Louise Rathier, Laura and Kathryn Dufour
Song Of Light (L. Rathier)
Mary Did You Know (B. Greene, M. Lowry)
Instrument Of Peace (A. Sky, M. Jordan, S. Moccio)

Marc Coderre
Come Journey, Come Worship (D. Haas / J.M. Talbot)
I Will Be With You (J. Moore)

Julie Larocque
Awesome God (R. Mullens)
The Fourth Day (J. Larocque)

In The Sanctuary (K. Carr)
Standing By The Bedside Of A Neighbour (R. Fennoy)
Instrument Of Praise (J. Cherian)
Love Like I’m Leavin’ (B. Gaither, J. Silvey, L. Alexander)
Wade In The Water (traditional)

Stephen Grant
Still Called Today (S.C. Chapman)
Come Holy Spirit (R. Buchanan, G. Gaither, W. Gaither)
Get Up In Jesus’ Name (M. Curtis, M. Raybon)

Dennis Girard
God Is Incredible (D. Girard)
Save Me A Dance (D. Girard)
Mother Mary (D. Girard)

See Joe Smile
Sunrise (J. Cousineau)
Love Travels (J. Cousineau)
Canadian History (T. Moloney, J. Church, S. Taylor)

JF Church
Let Go (J. Church)
My King And My Love (J.Church)
I Will Sing (J. Church)

Michaela, Arianne, and Sierra Di Giacomo-Maika
Truth Exposed (M. Di Giacomo-Maika)
Outlet (M. Di Giacomo-Maika)
The Outsiders (Bear Rineheart, Bo Rineheart)

Eileen Dalpra
Awakening (C. Tomlin)

Stephen Grant and the cast
Lord Of Our Nation (S. Grant)

“……WOW!! I was blown away by your voice Saturday evening at the Awakening Concert! I could hear you performing the “Phantom” music as well… AWESOME!
What an evening and what marvellous talent. I really enjoyed one of the last groups too; the trio of sisters and their harmonies (and also the Dufour sisters! — such sweet voices!)
I’m really glad I went.”
-Monique C.

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