Yours Today (March 1 2019)

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Friday, March 1, 2019, 7pm.
at Holy Cross Church, Ottawa
Marc Coderre, Karen Lahaise, Debra Scarpelli, Louise Rathier, Armando Prini, Eric Edmonds. Reading by Jackie Maurais.
In support of Debra Dynes House and St Joe’s Supper Table.

Christ Will Be Your Light (D. Haas)
Holy Is His Name (J.M. Talbot)
Prepare The Way (J. Anderson)
Be Not Afraid, You Are Mine (B. Dufford / D. Haas)
Debra: His Eye Is One The Sparrow (C. Martin, C. Gabriel)
Behold Now The Kingdom (J.M. Talbot)
Taste And See (F.P. O’Brien)
Do You understand (M. Brown)
Karen: Yet I Will Praise (A. Park)
O Silent God (R. Zaragoza)
Song Of The Risen One (D. Haas)
Louise: On The Shore (L. Rathier)
Yours Today (R. Cooney)
Do Not Let Your Hears Be Troubled (D. Haas)
My Lord Will Come Again (D. Haas)
Over My Head (arr. T. Kendzia, P. Warrick-Smith)
Build Your Kingdom Here (Rend Collective)

“Anna and I are so pleased that we were at the concert and were deeply moved. Thank you Marc and to all who were involved!”
-John D.

“Just want you to know that I enjoyed it tremendously. I’m so proud of you and your accomplishments – a truly talented (and very nice) guy! Lovely to see the Prinis, Louise, & Karen again. Your mum read beautifully and looked so young up there. So glad that Debra didn’t have to cancel out as she adds so much to the voices. You did great! Waiting for your next one.”
-Linda M.

“We really enjoyed the evening… music was amazing!”
-Aileen M.

“Congratulations on a great concert tonight!”
“It is always a particular joy for me to participate in every facet of your concerts, Marc. Working with a talented group of good friends doing music we love..always finding a charity to support with the proceeds.. it’s just a joy for me all around. Please count me in again next time too!”
-Debra S.

“Congratulations to you too! You really worked hard and brought a lot of creativity and intentionality to the music and evening and I’m glad you’re pleased with how everything went.
Yes….we’re pretty lucky to be playing and singing together and to be able to share and rely on each other’s talents and strengths. I have to admit I really enjoyed the Friday evening rehearsals too, with the laughing and the ease of things in the midst of working and preparing.
It’s always a pleasure Marc and I’d be glad to participate again in another project. Thanks very much for including me.”
-Louise R.

“Good wishes of thanks and congratulations to all! Yes Marc your skills and hard work and vision all came to light Friday evening. I believe when we share what we have for others and for God… The ‘Results’ are so much more! It was wonderful all around.”
-Karen L.

“Thanks for offering the gift of your voices and the love of singing to those who assembled. Thanks for including me this time. I think it is important to share these wonderful inspiring songs to those who come. It is so much needed in this world. Again I was humbled by those that came, old faces and new. I must add thanks to those who helped.”
-Jackie M.

“Thank you, everyone..This has been an amazing opportunity to again serve were I can best serve through music. That is very exciting news earning $ for a great cause. I am always open to more opportunities to build His Kingdom by using music to open hearts to hear God voice as they act in their lives for His purpose.”
-Armando P.

regarding youtube videos of the concert

“I went back to the Yours Today Concert, another great creation. So loved watching and listening to you do all the readings with such feeling. The music, and of course, the singing was beautiful. All songs I love. Marc did a wonderful job, as always.”
-Bev C.

regarding youtube video for ‘Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled’

“Absolutely beautiful, great job!”
-Rachael D.

regarding youtube video for ‘Holy is His Name’

“Enhorabuena. Que bién cantáis y tocais. Me he emocionado. Desde España toda mi admiración.”
-Angel Andres Jimenez V.

regarding youtube video for ‘Over My Head’

“I wish there were churches in my corner of the world that had music like this.”
-Polyglot Curious

regarding youtube for ‘Be Not Afraid, You Are Mine’

“Beautiful ❤”
-Kimberly B.