Waiting For Justice (April 1 2006)

WAITING FOR JUSTICE: A Benefit Concert for Maoua Diamonde
Saturday, April 1 2006
at St Joseph’s Church, Ottawa
St Joseph’s Choir / Tom Lips / Marc Coderre / Sacre Coeur Choir / Pitchou / “Friends of Karen Lahaise” (Louise Rathier, James Kubina, Marc Coderre, Debra Scarpelli) / First Unitarian Choir
This was a high profile concert event I initiated

“Back in January at our first concert planning meeting, those of you who were there may recall Pierre G. saying that the goal was to raise $10K for a sanctuary fund and that he didn’t expect this one event to raise all that. Instead he stated the goal of $4000. In February there was another fundraising event (a rock ‘n’ roll dance) that split it’s profits between the Supper Table and the Sanctuary Fund, so our fund had about $1250 already before our big event. As of today the total take for our show (including donations and the silent auction) is over $9500 and counting. So as for as the ROC is concerned, they don’t need to do any more fundraising. Which is a good thing as it allows them to focus more energy on other important issues.
Suffice to say, our show exceeded everyone’s expectations. Many thanks to all who helped.”
-Marc P Coderre

“Hi Folks,
I wanted to thank you again for your remarkable performances and contributions at Saturday evening’s concert. You have no idea how impressive it was, to “receive” your music and the gifts of each song.
> Louise, what a pleasure to hear you sing solos. Your talents never cease to amaze me.
> Marc, this is certainly your time to shine. Your voice just keeps getting better. Wow. All the best with the completion of your CD and musical projects.
> Debra, so good of you to support everyone. The harmonies were intriguing, especially on Marc’s songs which I hadn’t heard.
> James K: I’ve never heard you sing like that, either. A wonderful tribute to Maoua and Bernstein~
> Greg: What a treat to hear your bass guitar and a solo. Your bass voice also made a difference. (Great beat for the St. Joe’s Choir)
> Ron: you are always incredibly present, supportive and have just the right touch for every song.
>Jamie L: I have never heard St. Joseph’s choir sound like that. Bravo to you!
Take care until we meet (and hopefully sing) again :)”
-Karen L M.

Congratulations, you have made a real difference in a life.”
-Armando P.

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