Illumination (November 17 2007)

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Saturday, November 17 2007
at St Joseph’s Church, Ottawa
Marc Coderre with Louise Rathier, Karen Lahaise Mazur, Paul Therrien, Ed Coderre, Debra Scarpelli, Jim McIntyre, Greg Dahl, and St Joseph’s Choir directed by Jamie Loback.

Concert 07-11-17 2a

**PA intro: Prayer For Guidance / The Mystery (J.M. Talbot)**
Come Journey, Come Worship (D. Haas / J.M. Talbot)
Behold Now The Kingdom (J.M. Talbot)
I Will Be With You (J. Moore)
Louise: Gather As One (L. Rathier, traditional)
Waiting For Justice (Marc Coderre)
Lead Us To Your Light (Michael Coderre, Marc Coderre)
Faces Of The Children (K. Sherman)
The Bread Of Life (J.M. Talbot)
My People (R. O’Connor)
Surely He Bore All My Grief (M. Guimont)
Prayer Before The Cross (J.M. Talbot)
O Silent God (R. Zaragoza)
Karen: Wind Beneath My Wings (L Henley, J Silbar)
Unity (Marc Coderre)
Lord Of Our Nation (S. Grant)
encore: These Alone Are Enough (D. Schutte)

(for CD reviews see Illumination Feedback page)

regarding youtube live clip of Prayer For Guidance/The Mystery:

“I think Paul, Marc and Edward do a great job on these hymns. Great for 3 male voices. The combination of the 2 hymns is great. Should be done more often. A great challenge for our lives! Sing on.”
-Jackie M.

regarding youtube live clip of O Silent God:

“Love from Australia, this song brings tears to my eyes.”
“Hi Marc, I have listened to you and Karen sing this hymn all night at least one hundred times. I can’t get enough of it.”

“Have heard this at the solemn commemoration of the passion of Jesus Christ at 3pm. Such a powerful emotional song. On arriving home decided to search YouTube and very pleased to have found your recording. Congratulations, it is so beautiful.”
Maria S.

regarding youtube live clip of My People:

“This song moved me to tears. What a beautiful piece, and sung so beautifully here!”

regarding youtube live clip of The Bread Of Life:

“Pretty song! Nicely done!”
-Mary Ellen K.

regarding youtube live clip of I Will Be With You:

“We sang this today for the communion hymn. I love this song, and I like your version a lot.”

“I find this to be so consoling and beautiful. I just recently discovered your music. I’m returning to the Catholic Church. I got a little lost after some really rough things happened to me. I have no family (none that wants me), so this is very meaningful to me. I saw another version of this with your wife’s photos and I am so sorry for your loss! This is coming from somebody that has lost everybody. God bless you.”
-Brendalicia T.

regarding youtube live clip of Lord of Our Nation:

“It’s always a thrill to be part of this song. Very patriotic. St. Joe’s in downtown Ottawa sings this each year, the Sunday before Canada Day. For many years it has been Marc doing the honours.”
-Jackie M.

regarding youtube live clip of Surely He Bore All My Grief:

“Beautiful rendition. I’m singing this song on Palm Sunday. I’ll be listening to your video all week of inspiration. Thanks!!!”
-Julius C.

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