I Will Be With You (November 9 2012)

View I Will Be With You Concert on youtube.

Friday, November 9 2012, 7:30.
at St Joseph’s Church, Ottawa
Marc Coderre with Louise Rathier, Karen Lahaise Mazur, Bonnie Fox-McIntyre, Debra Scarpelli, Jim McIntyre, Kate Macdonald, Angela Schleihauf.
This concert raised $2200 for St Joe’s Supper Table.

Between Songs

“Congrats Marc! It was an excellent concert. You, the other singers and the musicians were all great. Thank you for sharing your very moving songs.”
-Denis-Paul C.

“Hi Marc, Jim, Bonnie, Karen, and Louise,
I was unable to attend your November concert because I was out of town, but I watched the whole thing on YouTube (thanks Marc) and wish to congratulate you for a fine production. You all sounded great, and it is so good to see you, Marc, composing and singing. Your songs are meaningful, melodious, and you are obviously singing with all your heart. Great concert.”
-Mary Z.

“Thank you Mary! I’m glad you got to enjoy our efforts on youtube. It was a great deal of fun, and hats off to Marc for his commitment and energy pulling it all together.”
-Jim M.

“I’m glad I could be there. It was heartfelt and very enjoyable. I, for one, hope you never stop making music.”

regarding youtube clip of We Are One:

“Cool man! I like how it’s all about Jesus! Good job!”
-RizupZion (Valerie-Josephine Trudel)

regarding youtube clip of Be Light For Our Eyes:

“I dig your stuff. Great to hear another version of this song….I recorded it myself this afternoon…..always loved it. Blessings from Portland, OR.”
-Chris Brunelle

regarding youtube clip of Redeemer Lord:

“Love this song. Learned it in the 92-94 in Scotland. God bless!!! It is an encouragement!!”
-Richard Flatt

regarding youtube clip of Holy Is His Name:

“I love this beautiful song, you did an awesome job.”
-Flower Girl


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