If you like my CD and want to tell me or the world, please feel free to share your comments.

Your feedback will then be posted on this page.

“Thank you so much for delivering the CD to me. It is of course beautiful, moving and very elegant. Kudos to you and the wonderful Armando!
All the best with its “proliferation and distribution”~!”
-Karen L M

“We have listened to the music and we love it.”
-Ogo N

“Sounds good!”
-Sean C

“Thank you for the beautiful CD. We keep it in our car so we can play it whenever we are driving any distance.”

“Wonderful CD. I keep the CD in my car to and often listen to Marc’s beautiful, faithful voice to lift my spirit as I drive to work.”
-Beth F

“Your CD “Rise Again” is very beautiful. I especially enjoy the #07 Be Not Afraid and You are Mine combination – just gorgeous musical arrangement. I love “Holy is His Name” and it continues to play in my mind all day long after I hear it. Of course “You Raise Me UP” is a special dear favourite. It was sung at our son Ken’s funeral – losing him to brain tumour when he was only 41. So this CD becomes very personal for me and our family. … Your tribute to your Dear Marina is truly Beautiful.”
-Jean B

“I thought if I listened to Marc’s CD enough, one song would begin to stand out as my favourite. That’s what usually happens. In fact, I rarely buy CDs because ordinarily I like only one or two pieces. That wasn’t the case this time. After listening dozens of times, I still can’t decide which I like best. All are beautiful.
If I HAD to make choices, I think “Anniversary” and “Be Free” would be among my favourites of the original pieces. They are so personal and haunting. Of the others, I might choose “Here I Am Lord.” I’ve loved that ever since [name] chose it as “her” hymn at an International Convention (in Ohio, I think) and her son’s high school choir sang it for us. Marc’s version reminded me of that, and we have selected it to be sung by [name] at the VA Branch Convention next weekend.
Please tell Marc how much I’ve enjoyed his talents and that I think of him and his child every time I listen. You were so gracious to send it to me. I do appreciate it.”

“What a nice surprise — just went to the post office and brought back the package with Marc’s CD.
Does he sing all of them? What a range of voice with the deep, low notes in “Our Emmanual” and the jazzy tones in some of the others. I love the “Forever” and “Anniversary”…and so touching—the lyrics of “Living Without You.” There was a funeral today for a man from our street. Think when a little time has passed, his widow would really appreciate those lyrics.
Thanks so much for sending the music and sharing your son’s talents.

Just telling you this to let you know what a timely nice surprise receiving Marc’s music was today!

“I gave your son’s CD to a friend whose husband passed away this summer. She said she has played it over and over.”

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