Inspiration, the second CD from Marc Coderre, released February 15 2011.

Since late 2005 while we were working hard on Illumination I was already thinking ahead to the next project.  Between April 2006 and December 2008, I wrote original songs for this new project as well as fine tuned my choices of which songs to ‘cover’ by other people.
“Officially” studio work on the project began in July 2008, when I met with Armando Prini to discussion the project.

Composers: Marc Coderre, and covers of songs by David Haas, John Michael Talbot, John Foley, Dan Schutte, and James E Moore.
Arrangers: Alan Cranny, Armando Prini
Producers: Marc Coderre and Armando Prini
Recording & Mixing Engineer: Armando Prini, SATB Studio, Ottawa
Vocalists: Marc Coderre, Bonnie Fox-McIntyre, Karen Lahaise Mazur, Louise Rathier, Debra Scarpelli, Paul Therrien
Musicians: Alan Cranny, Armando Prini, Connie Duff, Jim McIntyre, Paulo Muragara

The songs: 
Be Light For Our Eyes (David Haas)
Come Journey, Come Worship (David Haas / John Michael Talbot)
We Are One (Marc Coderre)
Inspiration (Marc Coderre)
Remain In My Love (Marc Coderre)
I Will Be Will You (James E Moore)
You And I Are Forever (Marc Coderre)
Give Me Hope (Marc Coderre)
Only In God (John Michael Talbot)
Days Of Innocence (Marc Coderre)
Redeemer Lord (John Foley SJ)
Song Of The Risen One (David Haas)
Rejoice (Marc Coderre)
If I’m In Your Heart (Marc Coderre)
These Along Are Enough (Dan Schutte)

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