(CD release concert Nov 17, 2007, St Joseph’s Ottawa)


“Congratulations again Marc on your concert and CD preparations and all that that involved these past few years.  The concert and evening and whole experience has been with me these past few days, and has reminded me of some recording sessions and retakes, etc. and of hearing some snippets of what was to come with your selections, your creativity and your compositions.  Well done – well done!
I’ve been really pleased, and excited for you and honoured to be included in this project with you and I’m glad it came to pass.  Even during the intermission at the concert as well as afterwards, quite a number of people came up to me to say how pleased they were to be there; how very much they were enjoying the music, the evening, and how impressed they were with you, so I want to pass that on.”
-Louise R.

“Congratulations on a superb concert and a correspondingly superb CD.  You have a great voice and we wish you every success in the future.”
-Paul & Mary-Anne R.

“I finally had the opportunity to sit a really listen to the CD.  The arrangements are just wonderful, they are pleasingly complex and extremely well balanced.  I particularly like “Unity”.  I hope sales go well and that you are able to put some on consignment in religious bookstores and other place (including radio and TV spots).  Congratulations on a job well done.”
-Bill C.

“I am finally listening to your melodious & great cd, as I did not want to spoil the concert by listening to it first.
Your concert was great & I spent a wonderful evening.  Thank you for performing & organizing this.”
-Michele G.

“What a wonderful and moving concert! You have a great future ahead of you!”
-David M.

“During the Christmas holidays I have been looking for a CD that would help me lead the monthly prayer meeting for our M.I.C. Associates.  So this CD ‘Illumination’ is truly a blessing!  The voices, the words, the musical arrangements is everything I was looking for!  Being a former Religous Education Teacher in Hong Kong I was used to having a wide selection of music…but this one is unique!  Music is such a beautiful way to pray & praise the Lord!  This new recording speaks highly of Marc Coderre’s special talents in music.  Many thanks and many blessings!”
-Sr Jeanne M.I.C.

“I just wanted to tell all of you how much I have enjoyed listening to the music, words and singing contained on this CD.
I have played it for everyone who visits our house.”
-Dave C.

“As I listen to your CD for the umpteenth time, I continue to find new and beautiful aspects in each piece. My “favourite” keeps shifting from song to song. James (3-1/2 now), upon entering the car, immediately asks me to “play Jesus” for him (he means the song “My People.”). I love hearing all the voices that brought so much prayer, joy and hope to my heart during the years when I was lucky enough to be part of the St. Joseph’s Choir, and now I am thrilled that I can enjoy them any time. Thank you for this beautiful gift of music. Keep up the great work.”
-Janet B.

“Just wanted to say I’m listening to your CD and you’ve done an excellent job on this! Bravo..”
-Debra S.

“We were sorry that we could not get to Ottawa to attend Marc’s CD release concert.  We did ask Mary Anne to bring us one of Marc’s albums. She did so and we have listened to it several times in the past 24 hours.  What beautiful music. What great voices. What a professional job of arrangements, production and album cover and notes. Truly a marvellous spiritual experience.
Not only will it continue to give us many hours of great listening in the future, but your Aunt Pat already has plans to use the music on the album as part of the ritual for her Associate (CSJ) group.
All of you are to be congratulated for your parts in its production, whether you were authors or talent or added your technical expertise. You all should be proud of your achievement.”
-John C.

“Congratulations for your CD. I accompanied Magda and Paul to your concert last month, it was a very wonderful evening. Sitting in the pew at St. Joe’s listening to that music reminded me of all the wonderful liturgies and music when Jane was still there. My wife and I always looked forward to Sunday, it was a real celebration. I have been playing your CD for hours at a time, it is soothing and wonderful.
You like John Michael Talbot, we had some of his LPs in the 70-80s. I see he is still active. We also liked the music of the St. Louis Jesuits it was breath of fresh air after the really dull stuff we had before… Their music accompanied that feeling of hope and being reborn that inhabited our Church after Vatican II and Pope John XXIII.
Best to you and yours. Keep singing! Music can change the world when it is from the heart, as yours is – as we could all realize at the concert and from your CD.”
-Joseph T.

“It was an awesome concert! Congrats to Marc and everyone else involved. I bought two CDs and I might buy more – they’ll make great Xmas gifts. I listened to my CD today and enjoyed it tremendously.”
-Denis-Paul C.

“Congratulations on your ILLUMINATION!  I love it!…Two weeks ago, I made a week retreat and I listened to your CD every day.  It is also part of my alarm so everyday I wake up with Eternal Light!
Your voice has matured to a quality that is rich and very pleasing!  Please congratulate all the people that were with you on the recording…voices are very beautiful and inspiring!”
-Sarah C.

“I listened to it on my drive last Sunday.  [Marc] has a beautiful voice.  I really enjoyed it very much.  I’m an Anglican and am partial to what I would call traditional English church music but it is good to ‘stretch’ oneself.  I especially like the setting of Kyrie and Gloria.  And I hit the repeat button 2 or 3 times to replay Unity!  That is a terrific song.”
-Libby R.

“I’ve also wanted to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your CD.  it is so prayerful for me and centers me in God’s love time and time again.  Thank you for giving it to me.  If you ever record another I would love to buy a few from you.”
-Kate P.

“For a long time I’ve been wanting to write to you about [this] wonderful CD of music. What a gorgeous voice!!! At this time I am having extensive work done on my mouth. This has caused me great stress. As my daughter was taking me to my appointment, she put Illumination on to play. The music just calmed me right down and put me in touch with God instead of nerves. How wonderful that was!
A gift like music just keeps on blessing and blessing and we thank you for this very generous gift. It will bring us peace, joy and worship for a long time to come!
Blessings to each of you!”
– Jan L.

Re: Surely He Bore All My Grief
“What a gorgeous rendition!! You have a beautiful voice, so lyrical with a velvety colour! You can sustain long phrases without wavering and yet you can also demonstrate so much power. I was really blown away!! Great job!!”
– Parv E.

“Marc —
Thanks for the CD.  It just arrived here.  This, to my knowledge, is the first time someone has done something with My People.  I suspect that others believed it was not politically correct to give the appearance of bad mouthing the Jews.  But, of course, the song is not about the Jews except as a symbol of us — us, as you say, at the foot of the cross.  Thanks for hearing that.  It was the first song I ever wrote, or rather “wrote down.”
Peace, and Happy Advent …
In Jesus,
Bob Dufford, SJ”

(Fr Bob Dufford is one of the St Louis Jesuits who were at the forefront of English Liturgical music following Vacitan II.  He is the composer of “My People”, but best known for “Be Not Afraid” from the album ‘Earthen Vessels’ 1975.)

“Dear Marc,
Yes, indeed [your CD] did [arrive] and just in time for my last show of the season. I played two tracks- can’t remember which ones. I was very impressed, Marc, with the quality and especially your arrangements of some of John Michael Talbot- practically sounded like the original. It is especially gratifying to be able to promote local talent. Thank you again for sending me a copy. I of course mentioned your name and how folks could reach you.”
-David Douthwright

(host of  “mustard seeds” a Catholic radio program on CHCR, 104.5 and 102.9 FM out of Killaloe Ontario. also available online

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