Table of Plenty (November 4 2018)

table of plenty concert poster

Sunday, November 4 2018, 3:00.
at St Joseph’s Church, Ottawa
Marc Coderre, Karen Lahaise, Rachael Dillman, Debra Scarpelli, Louise Rathier, Armando Prini, Ed Coderre and special guest Eileen Dalpra.
In support of St Joe’s Supper Table.

Table Of Plenty (D. Schutte)
Redeemer Lord (J. Foley)
Holy Is His Name (J.M. Talbot)
In The Stillness Of The Night (G. Daigle & D. Ducote)
Karen & Eileen: Into Dust / How Could Anyone (D. Roback, H. Sandoval / L. Roderick)
Come Journey, Come Worship (D. Haas, J.M. Talbot)
Behold Now The Kingdom (J.M. Talbot)
Taste And See (F.P. O’Brien)
Debra: Psalm 51 (A. Hurley, K. Quinn)
Do You Understand (M. Brown)
O Silent God (R. Zaragoza)
My God And My All (R. Zaragoza)
Rachael: The Holy City (M. Maybrick, F. Weatherly)
Song Of The Risen One (D. Haas)
Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled (D. Haas)
My Lord Will Come Again (D. Haas)
Be Light For Our Eyes (D. Haas)
All Who Are Thirsty (B. Brown, G. Robertson)

“Many thanks for the time, effort and organization you put into the concert on Sunday, benefiting the Supper Table. And thanks, Marc, as well to all of your friends and family who participated. It was very well-attended and I enjoyed the music you performed.”
-Chris Adams, St Joseph’s Executive Director

“I want to add my big thanks to everyone. It was tremendous. Not only did sincere talent come through, but a wonderful intimacy and warmth from all of you. I could feel it from the entrance.
I had a couple that said we have to leave at 4 pm, because…. and then they stayed till the end, because it was so good and uplifting (first timers). A regular couple left a $60-ticket event to come! That is heart warming and humbling.”
-Jackie M.

“I went to Marc and Ed’s concert at St. Joseph yesterday. It was beautiful. I don’t know where he finds his backup singers, but they are awesome, and local! And Marc is a fantastic concert organiser.
Really nice you have friendships with such talented people. I would happily go to more of your concerts.”
-Majorie C.

“Thank you for inviting me, I really appreciate the opportunity to create beautiful music. I truly hope we can do this again…..”
-Armando P.

“This is great that you were able to give so much back to the community. It was a pleasure to work with all of you…
I hope I can be part of it if you do it again.”
Tony M.

“Congratulations to everyone! I thought it was a very good concert. Everyone performed exceptionally well. It was nice to see everyone again/meet them for the first time.
Thank you, Marc, for letting me participate.”
Ed C.

“I really appreciated Marc’s invitation, his vision and his hard work to make it happen. It was beautiful musically and spiritually and I heard from many that it deeply touched them.
Yes, it is nice that with the power of live performances our wee errors are not noticed…… (usually only by those of us who make them😳)
P. S. Jane Williams would be so proud! 😇
Was nice to welcome Ed and Rachel onto the fold… Plus they bring down the average age, haha).”
-Karen L.

“Yes! Thanks from me too! I’m happy to hear $ was raised for the Supper Table.
It was, as always, a very fun and uplifting experience working with you all. Great job everyone!”
-Debra S.

“That’s such good news about the contributions to the Supper Table – and congratulations to you too.
Always a pleasure to work with you Marc and thanks for the invitation to participate and sing and play with my old and new choir friends.
I’ll look forward to another occasion.”
-Louise R.

“Thanks everyone for a great event, and thank you Marc for organizing. It was really great to see people coming together to sing beautiful songs of faith.”
-Rachael D.