Rise Again (November 12 2016)

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Saturday, November 12 2016, 8:00.
at St Joseph’s Church, Ottawa
Marc Coderre, Anne Hurley, Karen Lahaise, Debra Scarpelli, Greg Dahl, Jim McIntyre, Armando Prini and special guest Jim Videto.
In support of St Joe’s Supper Table.

**PA Intro: Our Emmanuel (M. Coderre)**
Magnificat (Holy Is His Name) (J.M. Talbot)
Magnificat (All That I Am) (D. Haas)
Come Journey, Come Worship (D. Haas / J.M. Talbot)
Karen & Debra: Shepherd Of My Heart (M. Baldwin, D. Tunney)
Be Not Afraid, You Are Mine (B. Dufford / D. Haas)
Only In God (J.M. Talbot)
Jim M: May The Lord Bless You (T. Talbot)
Jim M encore: Hallelujah (L. Cohen)
Be Free (M. Coderre)
You Raise Me Up (R. Lovland, B. Graham)
Anne & Jim V: I No Longer Can (A. Hurley, J, Videto)
Anne & Jim V: Not Alone (A. Hurley, J, Videto)
Here I Am Lord (D. Schutte)
Do You Understand (M. Brown)
Anniversary (M. Coderre)
O Silent God (R. Zaragoza)
Karen: I Believe / You’ll Never Walk Alone
(E. Drake, I. Graham, J. Shirl, A. Stillman / R. Rogers, O. Hammerstein)
Living Without You (M. Coderre)
Song Of The Risen One (D. Haas)
All Who Are Thirsty (B. Brown, G. Robertson)
encore: An Irish Blessing (L. Rathier, traditional text)
**PA Extro: New Day (M. Coderre)**

“Your concert was such a delight.
Honestly, I think your voice and interpretation have never been better! You seemed to have such control of your vocal range and dynamics. You really are a wonderful interpreter… you communicate so well, and with such authenticity.
Nice selection of pieces. A favourite was “Song of the Risen One”. I love, love this song. It is so triumphant, so exuberant. And I hadn’t heard it in such a long time. Thank you for bringing it back to our consciousness!
The other performers did wonderfully too. Debra’s voice is so deeply resonant, like a beautiful cello. Karen communicates with such conviction! “I Believe”: wow. A testimonial. Greg’s bass and bass added the necessary “gravitas”. Jim’s classical guitar was beautifully articulate. I was personally touched that he paid tribute to Leonard Cohen. Jim V. and Anne Hurley had very powerful contributions with her moving song about those who are battling Alzheimer’s. And her accompaniment was superb. Armando was, as usual, wearing several hats. What a versatile, talented, and generous guy.
What a talented group!
Thank you for supporting the Supper Table by mobilizing all this talent.
Bravo, Marc, bravo!!”
-Kate M.

“It was a fun evening. You were great.”
-Anne H.

“Once again, what a pleasure and privilege accompanying you on your concert journey. It was truly a sacred evening and together we were in the company of angels and saints, among all those dear hearts there in the audience.
Bonnie, I am so sad that you were unable to join us, after all of your commitment and hard work. You were a huge part of what we did and how well we may have sung, with all of your contributions up to that time.
I also would like to thank Tony for his incredible contribution, as well as Armando, for his support that night.”
-Karen L.

regarding youtube video of ‘Not Alone’

“Wonderful song, love the harmonious voices and the tune is beautiful. Heartfelt!”
-Sue T.-D.

regarding youtube video of ‘Magnificat (Holy is His Name)’

“It’s absolutely beautiful.”
-Caroline P.

regarding youtube video of ‘Do You Understand’

“This is a very touching and meaningful song and is beautifully sung. Thank you for composing and singing this beautiful song. GBU.”
-Liling T.

regarding youtube video of ‘Magnificat (All That I Am)’

-Mary OLV

regarding youtube video of ‘All Who Are Thirsty’

-Tim C.