Inspiration Videos

These are videos I created for the songs from my second album.


“This is awesome. Nice job! I’m just learning this song, and it’s nice to be able to find a studio recording to listen to. Thanks!”

COME JOURNEY, COME WORSHIP (by David  Haas / John Michael Talbot)

“Oh I love that! Thank you”
-Polyglot Curious

WE ARE ONE (by Marc Coderre)

INSPIRATION (by Marc Coderre)

REMAIN IN MY LOVE (by Marc Coderre)

I WILL BE WITH YOU (by James E Moore Jr)

This is such a wonderful tribute to Marina. And the emotions come through in your absolutely beautiful voice.”
– Anne M.

“Thank you for sharing this tribute to Marina. How tender.
Godspeed to you, Marc, and all who have been touched by Marina’s life.”
– Kindra J.

“This is really beautiful. What a wonderful tribute Marc has made with this to his wife. May God bless him abundantly and be with him in his sorrow.
God bless”
– Christina C.

“Thank you for sharing this beautiful video, and powerful testimony to your lovely Marina and family! I enjoyed seeing the pictures of Marc & Marina (whom I never knew), and also of their darling son interspersed in the video. My prayers are with you, as you remember Marina’s lovely legacy and mourn this 2nd year anniversary.”
– Monique C.

“Thank you for sending the link. I listened to it right away, and Marc singing it is very moving, especially knowing a little about Marina and her struggle, and what you all went through.”
– Pat B.

“Marc has a lovely voice and the song is absolutely beautiful. The pictures were lovely but heart wrenching. I just cannot appropriately express how much this music touched me. Thank you.”
-Bev D.

“Marc this was really touching. once the photo’s began with your lovely wife and then so sad to read of her passing. lovely how this is “your song for her” and God’s promise to us all. Blessings to you.”
-Maureen C.

YOU AND I ARE FOREVER (by Marc Coderre)

GIVE ME HOPE (by Marc Coderre)

ONLY IN GOD (Psalm 62) (by John Michael Talbot)

DAYS OF INNOCENCE (by Marc Coderre)

REDEEMER LORD (by John Foley)

“Beautifully done!!! Thank you!! I have shared with all my friends!!”
-Richard F.

-Gillian G.-K.


REJOICE (by Marc Coderre)

IF I’M IN YOUR HEART (by Marc Coderre)


“So sorry to hear about your loss- but what an appropriate song.”
-Ellen L.

“Prayers go out to you in your loss. Beautiful version.”

“Marc the prayer by St. Ignatius, the form in song by Dan Schutte, and your beautiful singing of it are all a special gift from God, who obviously loves each of you in a very special manner as he does all who share in his love and grace through his Son and the Holy Spirit. You return your gift to him by singing it and all I can do is listen.. but I could listen to this all day long, as it brings tears to my eyes… what it means and how beautiful the words and music are as heard…”
-William J.

“Marc, what a beautiful gift God has given you. Could listen to this all day.”
-Linda P.

“Beautifully sang! This song caught my attention this weekend at mass, then I looked it up on youtube and came upon your performance. I am sorry for your loss.”

“What a prayerful song. Great to listen to when alone. Good for funerals too. Want this hymn at my funeral.”
-Jackie M.

“Thanks for this song.”
-Anne M.

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