Other Ottawa Area Artists

Other Independent Ottawa Area Artists:

Dennis Girard
Dennis was a heavy metal rocker in the late 70’s and 80’s. His conversion to Christ took place in the middle of writing and recording his first CD. He rewrote many of the lyrics and Call to Witness hit the airwaves in 1996. Songs like Man In The Middle and Someone To Talk To speak of a deep longing for something more which he found in a relationship with Christ. In 2004 he recorded Rest in His Presence and it is really his journey with Christ in the classroom of silence.

Gracenote is Andy Duffy, Diane Coulterman, Allison Fagan, and Lynn Lane, a group of friends who have a passionate desire to witness and share our love of the Lord through the joyful gift of song. They meet in a spirit of fun and embrace the challenge of pursuing musical excellence. No matter the style, they honour the Divine in music.

Anne Hurley
Anne Hurley is a composer/musician who lives in Ottawa, Canada. She completed her degree in music at Ottawa University (1982). Anne is married and has two children. Anne’s first CD Riding the Wind (1998) is a collection of her own reflective piano music. Recently, Anne decided to leave her full-time work and pursue her passion for music. Anne’s bold decision led to the idea for her two newest albums – In Bethlehem and A Child Emmanuel (2005).

Greg Kelly
After years of writing songs in the Folk, Folk-Country vein, Greg finally decided to do something with them, and the result was the release in 2008 of “Broken Windows”, a collection of songs garnered over a period of over 35 years. This was followed by the 2012 release of “Slow Horses”, which contains songs written during the period between albums as well as some songs from way back.

Julie Larocque
Radio announcer, television producer and professional musician, Julie Larocque’s 3rd album Observatory was a recipient of the Popular Music Grant from the Ontario Arts Council, and produced by Jason Jaknunas (Souljazz Orchestra, Eric Vieweg, Jupiter Ray Project) at Metropolitan Studios in Ottawa. Julie’s original compositions have garnered the solicitation of the prestigious Cirque du Soleil, and have also been used in several independent media projects. Now a freelance broadcaster, Julie became well-known throughout the Ottawa Valley as the afternoon drive time host on MYFM Radio (www.myfmradio.ca).

Tom Lips
Tom has written hundreds of songs in an eclectic mix of styles, rooted primarily in the folk genre. Tom’s first solo recording , a CD entitled “Made of Sky,” (Mylodon Music, January 1999) has won many friends. (It features, among other gems, the unofficial national anthem of Saskatchewan expatriates.) His most recent CD, “Practical Man,” released in 2004, once again shows his emotional and stylistic range, with tender ballads of love lost and found, rousing gospel and rock tunes, a post-modern lullaby, a polka about the afterlife, and more.
In 2014, Tom released his third CD, “Devil’s Day Off”. Tom runs the gamut of moods and styles in this eclectic collection of original songs, produced by James Stephens and performed with the help of several fine musicians.

Chris MacLean
Chris is an award-winning songwriter and traveller hailing from the Gatineau Hills in West Quebec. Her songs are poetic and thoughtful, rich in imagery, heartfelt expression and a whimsical sense of playfulness. Chris performs solo or with accompaniment (bass; guitars/fiddle/mandolin; percussion). She has two solo recordings, Learn to Be Loved (2000) and Feet Be Still (2009).
From 2001 until 2009 Chris was a core member of world music ensemble Galitcha. She toured extensively with the group in North Africa. From 2005 until 2008 Chris was a member of Frida’s Brow, a roots/folk trio. Chris has performed with The Pomelos, a collective of female performing songwriters; TLC (Tannis Slimmon, Laura Bird and Chris) and has performed and recorded with renowned Canadian singer songwriter Ian Tamblyn as well as historical storyteller Ruth Stewart-Verger.
In 2015, Chris released her third CD, Procrastinator. She leads the One World Choir and the Song Kitchen Choirs of Wakefield and Ottawa. In addition to continuing to perform as a solo artist, she is part of the Crisscross duo with Christine Graves and also part of the Paugan Dames trio.

Main Street Market Band
The Main Street Market Band is an Ottawa-Canada based world music quartet.
They play a mix of stuff, a blend of jazz, folk, African and Latin styles of music, primarily in an acoustic format. Band members come from Brazil, Chile, Benin and Canada.
The band’s CD ‘On Your Radio’ was recorded in 2015 at Stove Studio, in Chelsea Quebec with owner James Stephens. Each band member brought their unique backgrounds to this project. Stylistically, the songs recorded range from reggae to jazz to folk to Latin to African, frequently a blend of these sounds. Language-wise, there are songs in Portuguese, English, French and many West African languages, including Mina, Fon, Yorouba and Dendi—a real United Nations of music!

See Joe Smile
See Joe Smile was initially the name for Joe Cousineau’s solo act until it became the name for a permanent band with Thom Moloney, Tyson Domitrovits, Marisa Bettino, and Shane Taylor in 2008. Most of their original music could be labelled pop/rock, but their live set is like a good mix CD. While they do not label themselvees as a Christian band, their faith lives certainly influence their music.

Three Little Birds
Three Little Birds is a fusion of three distinct women – Erin Saoirse Adair, Amelia Leclair, and Angela Schleihauf – who candidly sing their minds on social and political issues. Drawing upon a variety of musical influences their songs combine everything from Balkan styled harmonies within reggae beats to country-flavoured melodies amidst Tin-Pan Era arrangements. Three Little Birds are defined by the eclectic mélange of their diverse interests. They present strong vocal harmonies over upbeat acoustic arrangements consisting of mostly guitar, oboe, percussion, stand-up bass violin, and voice. Their self-titled debut album was released in May 2012 is available at on iTunes.


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